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   One century exclusively in the business of creating flavourings.
Handing on a taste for beautifully flavoured foods to the next generation.

Since Nippon Flavour Kogyo was founded in 1912
We preserve the valuable traditions of our Japanese food culture, while at the same time contributing new benefits to future generations, by cultivating new possibilities in the realm of flavourings.
Of course we will supply the best product to meet our customer's needs as a trusted partner.

Sales Department

Our Sales Department keeps abreast of the latest market movements and trends, as well as recent research in our field, so that we can lead the way in the food flavoring field. Our staff members visit food and beverage manufactures to share new product concepts and to offer samples of flavorings they can use to develop their products. The Sales Department responds immediately to requests from customers and offers suggestion items we make that may meet the customer's need. We also relay customer requests for new items without delay. We pride ourselves on our quick response to our customers and we are here to support their new product development in every possible way. Our work keeps us active and it makes our spirits cheerful. 

Development Department

Food flavourings are indispensable in making processed foods delicious.
Our Development Department has many ways of approaching the task of enhancing the tastiness of these items.
In addition, the Development Department works with the Sales department on flavourings that suit our customers’ needs.
Our Development Department is composed of three groups. These groups contain lots of vital young people, who are full of energy and eager to bring fresh approaches to tackling new fields.
Tokyo Development Centre established in 2013. This new addition to our array of facilities enables Nippon Flavour Kogyo to be even speedier in developing new products and respond more flexibly to the requests of our customers. Putting this facility to good use, we shall endeavor to reach a yet higher degree of customer satisfaction.

The Flavourings Blending Group

In order to meet the varied and numerous flavour needs of our customers, this group creates flavourings from raw materials.
Using the results and the research, our company has conducted throughout its long history this group is able to develop required flavourings speedily, also meeting the customer's time constraints.
Flavourists create flavors that taste delicious and have their own unique qualities. Create flavourings specifically suit the customer's unique product concept.

The Applications Group

This group creates examples of the same kinds of foods that are sold commercially, and then sets about actually adding flavourings. They evaluate the taste and the way the flavourings blend with other flavours and materials. They create foods and beverage sample applications so that customers can evaluate and confirm the flavourings during business discussions. They also ask customers to evaluate their proposed applications and clarify any problems remaining to be solved. This is how they create the needed flavourings, through direct interaction with our customers. Although they are only offering samples of flavourings, they do so by creating food items that are much like the actual food products, carefully selecting flavouring samples to meet the requirements.

The Basic Research Group

This team analyzes the flavours or tastes of natural substrates in actual foods, including fruits, using analytic equipment.
Studying flavour constituents enables them to create the basis for developing flavourings that have a rich and natural impact.
In addition, they investigate materials and new technologies related to flavour, and work with the flavour blending group to develop new flavours. They are very active within the academic community; they attend academic meetings and publish their research results.


Quality Control Department

Nippon Flavour Kogyo introduced the following quality management policies as the foundation of our quality program. We also inspect our materials and products using precise analytic methods, such as gas chromatography and GCMS, as well as conducting inspections using human senses, in order to offer our products with all assurance of their reliability.

Our Quality Management Policies

Taking “Quality is Good Management” as our motto, we focus on the following three points:
1. Strictly obey the food sanitation law and other related laws and regulations. Every member of the staff is required to follow the quality management rules at all times.
2. We do everything we can to assure the safety of our products, including checking and improving our quality warranty system.
3. We always provide the quality products that our customers want and retain their trust.

Food additive GMP approval obtained

February 2007
Our Sanda Factory is officially registered in the food additive GMP approval system.

What is the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approval system?

The Japan Food Additives Association established this standard, to maintain the work quality of its members. GMP is a shorter way of saying: “Self-established standards for food additive production management and quality management.”


Manufacturing Department

Our flavourists, with their attuned senses and high level of creativity, only release a fresh batch of flavouring after repeat strict tests.
State-of-the-art facilities and thorough quality control in our installation help to maintain the high quality of products manufactured by our special skilled technicians.

Production process

Processing raw materials
We distill and concentrate raw materials collected at sites around the world, and create unique flavours from them.


We are able to meet all our customers' requirements, thanks in part to our comprehensive manufacturing facilities. After a deliberate mixing process, we formulate the flavour components into granules.

Quality inspections
In-house inspectors check our products using their human senses and analytic devices.

Shipping services

We store and monitor the completed products in a controlled-temperature warehouse, and make sure they are delivered to the customers with the utmost care and within the specified time.

Our International Department

M.N.C(Wuxi)Co., Ltd

Wuxi City, 120 km northwest of Shanghai is the location of this company where is in an industrial zone containing many advanced foreign corporations.
They handle various projects for customers, from making small lots and many different items to performing mass production runs. This is an ISO9000 certified plant.

Our Development Center and Sales Department

This Department is located in Shanghai. Together these sections, they develop cutting-edge products to meet customer's needs quickly.

W.F.I.(H.K.) LTD.

This company is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong, a place where rapid advances are being made in many fields. It functions as an overseas distribution base for our group of corporations.