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The power of flavour

Since Nippon Flavour Kogyo was founded in 1912, we have specialized in flavouring research and development, centered upon natural citrus flavours. Our management concept has always been: "Respect the Divine and love people". In 2012, we celebrated 100 years since the establishment.
Flavourings are indispensable in most processed foods, including the beverages, confectioneries, and desserts people consume every day. However, flavourings are different from condiments, and they do not constitute the bulk of a dish, the way flour and eggs do. Officially, flavourings are classified as food additives. However, this does not really make it clear what flavourings are. The question is: what are the true functions of flavourings?
We believe that flavours can be energizing. For a product to be marketable, it has to have certain features, and one of them is the ability to gain wide acceptance in the marketplace. Flavour is indispensable; it provides the features and characteristics of a product that give it market appeal.
Efficiently employing the experience we have built over 100 years in the business, Nippon Flavour Kogyo of course works hard to assure the safety and good quality of our products, but very importantly, we work for customer's satisfaction even as they change moment by moment. It is our dedicated goal for the next 100 years to improve our technologies and expertise even further, working together as a corporation that makes a useful contribution to the society, and to create high quality products that bring energizing flavours into people's lives.

Representative Director and President
Kunihiko Ueki